Comment Management System

Once you have created an online course and started acquiring students for it, interacting with your students will be a big part of the customer experience you provide. To help you create this customer experience, Summit Evergreen features a Comment Management System. To access the Comment Management system, in the left […]

Integrating ActiveCampaign and Summit Evergreen

This document will guide you through the steps of connecting ActiveCampaign to Summit Evergreen. Overview Connecting your ActiveCampaign account to Summit Evergreen will allow you to add users to a specified list when they sign up for a course. To connect ActiveCampaign and Summit Evergreen, you will need to: Get […]

Third Party Affiliates

As part of your product and course offering strategy, you may decide to work with third-party affiliates. If so, and you use PayPal as one of your Summit Evergreen payment processors, then in Summit Evergreen you can set up offers that serve as unique links that you can provide to your […]

Drip CRM Integration In order to increase the effectiveness of your email communication, Summit Evergreen provides CRM, or email list, integration. In addition, Summit Evergreen provides the ability to add your customers to third-party email campaigns through integration with Drip. To set up Drip integration, either watch the video or read the instructions […]

Multiple Payment Processor Integrations

In Summit Evergreen, as part of your course set-up, you will need to choose how payments will be processed. Summit Evergreen offers you the ability to integrate with a single or multiple payment processors, depending on your course’s needs. To set up a single payment processor, see our other pages of […]

User Profile Questions

Once you’ve created your Summit Evergreen course and have students purchasing it, it can be helpful to ask your students questions upon sign-up in order to gain valuable information about who is purchasing your course and why. You can also use this to gather information you may need, such as a […]

Embedding Videos with Vimeo

If you are incorporating videos into your Summit Evergreen content, one of the recommended hosts for your videos is Vimeo. However, if you use Vimeo to host these videos, you may find that you want to make a slight change to the html code associated with the embedded video. This […]

Pre-Populated User Variables

In Summit Evergreen, once you’ve created your course and have students using it, we want to help make your students’ experience as seamless as possible. One of the ways we do that is by providing pre-populated user variables. For example, when a student opts in to your email list, the […]