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In order to increase the effectiveness of your email communication, Summit Evergreen provides CRM, or email list, integration. In addition, Summit Evergreen provides the ability to add your customers to third-party email campaigns through integration with Drip. To set up Drip integration, either watch the video or read the instructions below.


  • In Summit Evergreen, in the vertical menu on the left, select “Settings”, then “Apps”.
  • In the left pane, you’ll see a list of integrations – from this list, select “Drip”.
  • In the right pane, you’ll see Drip integration details – to enable this integration, enter your Drip account ID and API key and hit “Save”.

Getdrip SE Screen

  • To get your Drip account ID, access your Drip account at https://www.getdrip.com/. When you do, you will see your Drip account ID in the URL in the upper left corner of your screen – it is the 7-digit number in the center of the URL.

Getdrip Account ID

  • To get your Drip API key, in Drip, in the upper right menu, select “Settings”, then “My User Settings” – in the screen that appears, scroll down and you’ll see your API key in the field “API Token”.

Getdrip API Key

  • Back in Summit Evergreen, after entering your account ID and API key in the Drip integration screen, in the left navigation menu, select “Structure”, then “Tiers”.
  • In the left pane, select the tier for which you want to use Drip.
  • This will bring up a page in the right pane with tier details. In this page, in the “Offers” section, choose the offer for which you want to use Drip and click its “Edit” box on the right.

Getdrip SE Tier Offer Screen

  • This will bring up a box in which you can edit offer details, including which CRM and Mailing List should be used. In this box, in the “CRM” dropdown box, select “Drip”. In the “Mailing List” field, enter the name of the Drip campaign you’d like to use. Hit “Save”.

Getdrip SE Edit Offer Screen

  • To get your Drip campaign name, in Drip, in the menu at the top, select “Campaigns”. You’ll see a screen that lists your Drip campaigns. Select the campaign you wish to use and copy its full name into the Summit Evergreen “Mailing List” field noted in the step above.

Getdrip Campaign Name

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