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Once you have created an online course and started acquiring students for it, interacting with your students will be a big part of the customer experience you provide. To help you create this customer experience, Summit Evergreen features a Comment Management System.

To access the Comment Management system, in the left navigation menu, select “Students”, then “Comments”. Then, in the left pane you’ll see two options – “All Comments” and “Deleted Comments”. If you click on “All Comments”, this will bring up a screen in the right pane that lets you review the comments students have made in your course. In this screen, you also have the option to delete comments. If you click on “Deleted Comments”, this will bring up a screen in the right pane that lets you restore any comments you may have deleted in error.

Comment Management Shot

Note: In the next two screenshots, the actual names and comments have been covered with color blocks

All Comment Shot

Deleted Comment Shot

To make sure your content pages allow comments, in the left navigation menu select “Content”, then “Pages”. Then, in the left pane, click on a page of content in which you want to allow comments. Then, in the right pane, in the menu in the upper right corner, select “Settings”. In this section, scroll down to the bottom, where you’ll see a checkbox that says “Enable Users to leave comments”, as you can see here:

Comment Option Shot

To ensure that your content page contains a comments section, click this box. Alternatively, if you do not wish a comments section to appear in your content page, leave the box unchecked. If you check this box, then in your content page you will see a section that looks like the following:

Comment and Reply Shot

As you can see, this comments section give students the ability to comment, and the “Reply” button allows you or another student to respond to any comments made in your course.

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