Pre-Populated User Variables

In Summit Evergreen, once you’ve created your course and have students using it, we want to help make your students’ experience as seamless as possible. One of the ways we do that is by providing pre-populated user variables. For example, when a student opts in to your email list, the name and email address they provide during the signup will be automatically populated into their course checkout form.

This makes it so students don’t have to repeatedly enter the same information into multiple forms.

As another example, if you have students filling out particular forms, you can have them arrive at these forms with certain fields already completed. Details like these can make all the difference between a student who completes a purchase and one who doesn’t.

The best part of all is that this feature requires no work on your part — it’s built right into the platform and will happen automatically when your students opt-in to your email list and proceed to purchase a course. All you need to do is make sure the user’s name and email are passed in the URL’s query string, as shown in the following example:

Make sure you have the option selected in your payment processor to “pass variables.” It’s normally in your checkout settings.

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