Integrating Infusionsoft Campaigns with Summit Evergreen Purchases

This document will guide you through the steps of connecting Infusionsoft Campaign Sequences to Summit Evergreen. Use these instructions if you want to give users access to a product through a campaign, rather than the standard checkout integration.


To connect an Infusionsoft Campaign to Summit Evergreen you will need to:

  1. Create a new Campaign Sequence in Infusionsoft
  2. Create an HTTP Post to send a purchase message to Summit Evergreen

Purchasing Products

Each course needs to be set up as a separate product within Infusionsoft, with the SKU field set to be the same SKU as your course in Summit Evergreen. The SKU of the product is passed to Summit Evergreen at purchase time, and this provides the glue between the two systems.

You can find your course’s SKU in Summit Evergreen in the “Structure” – “Tiers” section. Pricing and payments will be connected automatically.

Setting Up Infusionsoft for Connecting to Summit Evergreen

Payment information is sent to Summit Evergreen whenever someone goes through the Campaign Sequence. The contact MUST have a product order with the correct SKU in Infusionsoft.

  1. In Infusionsoft, in the Main Menu, select Marketing > Campaign Builder
  2. Choose the Campaign you want to enter the sequence in, or click “Create a Campaign”
  3. Add a goal to start a new sequence (We recommend using a purchase action)
  4. Create a new sequence and attach it to the goal, so that it looks like this:
  5. Double-Click on the sequence, and add a Process > Send HTTP Post
  6. Double-Click the Send HTTP Post item
  7. Enter your webhook URL in the “Post URL” box:
  8. Enter the Merge Fields for the following Name / Value Pairs:
    • Id > ~Contact.Id~
    • FirstName > ~Contact.FirstName~
    • LastName > ~Contact.LastName~
    • Email > ~Contact.Email~
  9. Your HTTP Post should look like this:
  10. Change the HTTP Post from Draft To Ready, and Click “Back to Sequence”
  11. Change the Sequence from Draft to Ready, and Click “Back to Campaign”
  12. Click Publish

In step 7 above, replace WEBHOOK_KEY with your account’s webhook key. You can find this URL in your Summit Evergreen Settings / Apps / Infusionsoft section – when you enable Infusionsoft as a payment processor in this section, you will see a field called “Payment Notification URL”, and this is your webhook key. This calls a webhook to Summit Evergreen, which sends the contactId and triggers syncing the purchases for the user.

Customer Cancellation Option

As one of your course options, you may wish to have a way for customers to cancel their accounts within Summit Evergreen. When integrating with Infusionsoft, you can do this as follows:

  • Create a cancellation form in an Infusionsoft campaign – this will serve as a “cancel button”. In this campaign, set up a notification to customer service to manually cancel the customer’s Infusionsoft purchase. If you wish, you can also send the refund webhook in this campaign to cancel the membership in Summit Evergreen.
  • Embed this cancellation form into a page in your Summit Evergreen course site.
  • Add language in your Summit Evergreen course site asking customers to submit the form if they want to cancel – when they do, it will then kick off your Infusionsoft campaign.

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