Integration ties all of your systems together.

Curious what all you would need in your tech stack? Check out full blog article.

The following is an excerpt that lists the most popular options.

Here are the basic categories:

  1. Email
  2. Opt-in offers
  3. Website
  4. Sales page
  5. Shopping cart
  6. Membership site
  7. Video hosting
  8. Customer service

Yes, there are more options than what’s listed here, but if we listed every available option, this would be a million miles long. The secret of being successful is taking action, not getting stuck in the muck of researching every possible solution.

Find one product that will meet your biggest needs, and then get started using it. Make sure you’re getting your info-product, online course, or mastermind program out the door. Ship it! Don’t split hairs and lose tons of time making your choice. Make an informed decision, then get to work building your online course and growing your business.

Okay. Let’s create your perfect Tech Stack!


Opt-in Offers


Sales Page

  • The most important part of your sales page is the message. Spend time talking to your potential customer in their own language, explaining that you understand their pain points and have a solution that will teach them what they need to know. It’s more important that you spend time perfecting your sales copy than perfecting your page design, which is why we recommend templated solutions like WordPress and LeadPages to create your sales or landing page (see descriptions above).

Shopping Cart

(read about PCI compliance here)

Membership Site

Video Hosting

Customer Service

We hope this list is helpful in getting you on the road to your perfect Tech Stack. Keep in mind that everyone’s needs are different, and therefore everyone’s Stack is different. Just pick the products that are right for you at this moment and move forward. As your needs change, your Stack will change, and that’s okay.

The most important thing is not to let the amount of choice overwhelm you and stop your momentum. Any of the options listed above are a safe bet, so go for it!

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