Using the Content Editor: Part Two

Adding Pages of Content

When you are ready to add content for your product, you will do so by entering it into one or more pages.

  • In the left navigation menu, select “Content”, then “Pages”
  • If you want to add content to an existing page, simply select that page from the list in the left hand pane
  • If you want to create a new page, go to the actions dropdown box in the left pane (to the right of the phrase “Content Pages”) and select “Add a Page”
  • The box that appears will ask you for the name of your new page and which tier(s) the page will be included in
  • Hit “Save”

Once you’ve completed the box, a new blank page will appear in the right pane, along with a toolbar at the top and a menu in the upper right corner. The upper right menu contains the following items: “Content”, “Comments”, “Settings”, and “Actions”.


When you select “Content” from the menu in the upper right corner of a page, the right pane will have a blank page where content can be added and a toolbar at the top of the screen. The toolbar and its components are as follows:

toggle switch This tool allows you to switch between using the visual editor and the HTML editor.
text formatting, bold, underline, italics These tools allow you to change the look and size of your text, put it in bold, put it in italics, and/or underline it.
strikethrough This tool puts a line through your text.
unordered and ordered
These tools allow you to create listings of various items in your text.
indent and outdent These tools allow you to move your text in to the right (indent) or out to the left (outdent).
insert image This tool allows you to insert an image into your content. You can do so by “dragging and dropping” it in or by browsing your computer for the image and then inserting. Once your image is in place, you can edit it by clicking on it and then clicking on the “Edit” button that appears. Here you can add or change the image’s title, add a URL link and attach it to the image, or reposition the image. You can resize the image by clicking on the image and then using the little black box in the image’s lower right corner to change its size.
insert video This tool allows you to insert a video into your content. You, can do so either by inserting your video’s embed code or, for Youtube, Wistia, and Vimeo videos, by simply copying the video’s URL link into your content   (we recommend using Youtube, Wistia or Vimeo, and we have found that Wistia videos work best with our system).
link This tool allows you to insert a URL link and attach it to text. To attach a link to an image, see “insert image” above.
alignment This tool allows you to have your text line up to the left, line up to the right, or be centered.
insert horizontal rule This tool inserts a horizontal line across your page (not a text underline).


This menu item displays any user comments that have been made on this page, if you have chosen to enable user comments.


This menu item contains the following sections: “Page Details”, “Layout and Design”, and “Accessibility”:

  • Page Details: Here you can change the name of your page and its unique location slug (URL).
  • Layout and Design: Here you can change your page’s appearance to have a left sidebar, a right sidebar, or no sidebar. Note: the styles available will change from theme to theme.
  • Accessibility: Here you can change the status of your page (public, members only, or draft), set a public facing redirect, and enable user comments.


This menu item allows you to:

  • Edit any follow-up questions (follow-up quiz/survey) you may have for students after they view this page of content
  • Choose which tiers this page of content should be a part of
  • Delete your page

Previewing Your Page

When you are done entering content, you can save it using the “Save” button in the lower right corner. There are also two ways to preview your content from here:

  1. Select the small blue box with the arrow, next to the page link – this is directly underneath the editor.
  2. Select “Open Member Site” from the product dropdown menu in the upper left corner.

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