Creating a Free “Marketing” Course


Once you have set up your product and course offerings, one of the options you may choose is to set up a free course for your students. This type of course allows your students to register and access it without providing any credit card information. Additionally, in your free course, you can put in the option to “up-sell” to a premium course.

Setting Up a Free Course

In the product dropdown menu in the upper left corner, select the product you want to set up a free course in.

In the left navigation menu, select “Structure”, then “Tiers”. In the left pane, choose the tier you want to set up a free course in.

In the right pane you will see tier details. At the bottom of the screen, select “Add New Offer”, which will bring up an input box called “Create New Offer”.

In the “Create New Offer” box, input the offer name and price. To create a free offer, input a price of $0.00. By inputting a price of $0.00, you bypass having the payment processor you integrated with come into play. Hit “Save”.

Free Course New Offer Screen


In your product list, you will now see the free offer you just created.

Next to your offer name is a link is provided. Click on it and it will bring up the link you should provide to your students for enrollment in the free course. When a student clicks on this link, they will be prompted to enter their name and email address, and then they will have instant access to the free course.

Note: In your free course, if you put in the option to “up-sell” to a premium course, the premium course will need to be set up as a separate product.


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