Creating Products Overview


Step 1:

  • Create and do initial set up of Product
  • Name your product
  • Set the email address and name
  • Change the URL of the product login
  • Create courses and different price points
  • Create user profile questions for registration

Step 2:

  • Create your Product Syllabus
  • Create a course structure for your users to follow
  • Add chapters and lessons
  • Select which courses get access to certain material

Step 3:

  • Create your Product Schedule (aka Drip)
  • Schedule when users will have access to certain content
  • Schedule emails for your course

Step 4:

  • Set up your Product Theme
  • Add personal branding
  • Add logo’s change color and layout of user interface

Step 5:

  • Use the Editor
  • Learn how to create your main content
  • Add images and videos
  • Do formatting and advanced editing

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