Student Timezones

When you use Summit Evergreen’s drip feature, users will be always be able to see the course structure provided by your product’s syllabus, but they will not be able to access certain content until the schedule you set dictates they can.

Your product’s drip feature is based on whatever time zone your customer has signed up from. The drip schedule and emails are based on each customer’s unique time zone.

For example, if you have an email scheduled for 9:00 am, the customer will receive it at 9:00 am their time.

UTC Time Zone

Coordinated Universal Time, or its abbreviation UTC, is a universal standard by which the world’s various time zones are set. This standard is a successor to the fairly well-known Greenwich Mean Time or GMT, which has been a long-standing universal standard as well. The world’s time zones are often expressed in terms of their offset from UTC. For example, The USA’s Eastern Standard Time, or EST, may be referred to UTC-5.

Updating a Student’s Time Zone

  • In the left navigation menu, select “Students”, then “Users”
  • Locate the student for whom you want to edit / update the time zone and click their name in the left pane
  • The student’s profile and menu will appear in the right pane
  • In the menu in the upper right corner, select “Details”
  • Scroll down to “User Details”, then “Timezone”
  • Select the correct time zone in the dropdown box
  • Hit “Save” in the lower right corner

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