Including Links in Emails

You can add links to your student emails, just like you add them to your course content.

Highlight the text you want to turn into a link and click the link icon in the editor, or press (Ctrl-K) if you want to use the fancy keyboard shortcuts.

email links


Here you can add the URL you want to link to and even use merge fields to customize the link to your student.

One thing to be careful of:

Since these are emails, and not part of your course, you need to make sure that your links have the FULL domain name in them as well, and not just the page slug (you can also use {{Product.domain}}).


  • http://{{ Product.domain }}/users/register/{{ }}


  • welcome-to-the-course
  • /welcome-to-the-course
  • {{ Product.domain }}/users/register/{{ }}


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