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In the “Students” section of Summit Evergreen you can access student profiles, view login information, product access information, and customer comments, and perform student-related actions (i.e., manually adding/removing access to a course, sending emails, etc.).

Accessing the Students Menu

  • In the left navigation menu, select “Students”, then “Users”
  • This will bring up a list of your students in the left pane
  • You have the option to click on the name of the student you’d like to access by searching through the names, or you can search for a student by their name or email address
  • Once you’ve located the correct student, click on their name in the left pane and more information and a menu will appear in the right pane

Students Menu: Details Tab

From the “Details” tab you can:

  • Update the student’s name and email
  • Update the timezone for a particular student
  • Manually change a student’s password
  • View/add private notes about a particular student

Students Menu: Products Tab

From the “Products” tab you can:

  • View courses the students have purchased
  • Manually add/remove courses for a student
  • Mark a course as refunded

Students Menu: User Comments Tab

From the “User Comments” tab you can:

  • View any user comments the student has made

Students Menu: Logs Tab

From the “Logs” tab you can:

  • View a log that shows the student’s user activities

Student Menu: Actions Drop Down Menu

From the “Actions” Drop Down menu, you can:

  • Re-send emails to the student (please note that when sending emails to students, the emails are not sent immediately, but rather are batched and sent every 15 minutes)
  • Login as the student
  • Delete the student profile

Adding a New Student

  • In the left navigation menu, select “Students”, then “Users”
  • In the left pane, select “Add a User” from the action dropdown box in the upper right corner
  • This will bring up a box that allows you to add the new student’s basic information, including their role (member or manager)
  • Hit “Save” and that’s it!


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