Language Support

Summit Evergreen offers language support if you are looking to offer your course in multiple languages. The customer facing user interface is the portion of the course that will be translated into the desired language. 

How to Configure Language Support

To set up language support, you will just need to select the desired language from the accessibility section in the product settings.

To do this, select “view all products” from the drop down in the upper left corner.  Select the correct product, scroll down to the accessibility section and choose the desired language from the “local” section.



Does this feature translate all my content to any language?

No, not quite. The customer facing user interface is the portion of the course that will be translated, which is the main navigation that comes built into the Summit Evergreen themes. This includes the syllabus, product switcher menu or anything built natively into the structure of the course. All of your main content, any text, graphics or videos you will need to build out in the desired language.

What if I want to offer a course in multiple languages, can I do that?

Yes, definitely! Separate products would have to be set up for each language you want offer to your students. Just configure the language preference in each of the products, and start entering your content!

What languages do you currently support?

This is where we need your help. We currently have Japanese and English as language options in Summit Evergreen – and we are taking requests for additional languages. If you have been hoping for a translation feature, just email us at and let us know what language you’re looking for.

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